Pringles – The FootBowl.

Growing Brand-love for Pringles.


Watching sports and eating Pringles go hand-in-hand. Creata saw room to grow the love of Pringles among sports fans via a unique offering that enhances their favorite activities.



Consumers naturally see value in utilitarian products. Creata saw the opportunity to give Pringles’ brand-fanatics a new and fun way to display their love of the brand. Combining brand-love and useful product design were two keys to success.



Creata put our world-class sculpting and state-of-the-art technology teams to work producing a must-have, high-quality product: The Footbowl! Shaped like a real football, Pringles fans can use The Footbowl to lay Pringles chips neatly around a motion activated central speaker which replays recorded sounds. 250,000 units were produced, assembled, and tested in just 4 months time for 31 European countries.




Pringoooals Promotion
Buy 2 cans and get a free bowl.