Kellogg’s – Lightsaber Spoons.

An intergalactic pack-on surprise.


Over the course of Creata’s 40-year relationship with Kellogg’s we’ve worked together on some really far out products but this light-up spoon is our favorite – by light-years! We were challenged by Kellogg’s UK to develop an on-pack premium to optimize Kellogg’s partnership with Star Wars, timed along with the new film’s release in late 2015.


Creata brings consumers closer to brands by creating moments of play. We saw an opportunity to create a version of the omnipresent breakfast utensil.



Creata developed a light-up Star Wars lightsaber spoon that brought the fun of the Force to every morning bowl of cereal from here to Endor.


The Kellogg’s 2015 Star Wars lightsaber spoon delivered an unprecedented demand for Kellogg’s Star Wars sponsored products throughout the UK.



Delivered unprecedented demand for Kellogg’s products in the UK