Activision Skylanders




Chicago, USA


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


Gamers are growing older and more sophisticated, leaving a gap in the market for exciting new role playing games that are geared toward younger kids. Creata looked at ways to enhance existing play patterns and open the world of gaming to younger consumers.


Imaginative play is an intuitive, universal play pattern for kids. In recent years video gaming has become a fundamental part of kids’ play diet as well. Connecting imaginative play (action figures) with video gaming in a magical, innovative way was the recipe for Skylanders success.


Creata’s world-class sculpting and state of the art engineering enabled Activision’s invention of the “Toys-To-Life” category. Now, for the very first time, kids can see their characters come to life on-screen in a game. We did this through embedded RFID technology, a first in the toy industry.


Activision found a new way to play: 280MM Skylanders toys sold in 5 years, leading a $12B category and the Skylanders brand worth $4B globally.