Havanna Easter Eggs




Buenos Aires, Argentina


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


Havanna is a classic and much-loved chocolate brand in Argentina. Each Easter Creata works with Havanna to develop new and innovative ways to enhance the brand’s seasonal chocolate egg. This year, Creata’s challenge was to deliver low-cost solutions that add play value to the seasonal promotion through a licensing partnership with Mattel´s Barbie and Hot Wheels brands.


More and more Argentinians are taking part in the Maker movement. The do-it-yourself attitude is impacting everything from home repair to parenthood. It’s become part of everyday play for kids. For brands, this means that creative and ludic power can be added to a product without expensive materials. Creata saw this as an opportunity to introduce self-assembled playsets that integrate seamlessly with product packaging.


Creata developed a unique promotion for Havanna´s Easter eggs featuring Barbie & Hotwheels. Each pack included integrated cardboard materials that kids used to create their own play experience. Each chocolate egg includes a small plastic insert which can be used in play along with a do-it-yourself Hot Wheels track or with a charming diorama. With the help of Instagram and Facebook, families shared their own creations under the tags #barbiehavanna and #hotwheelshavanna.


The promotion was a sales success and it achieved another goal: solidifying Havanna´s relationship with the family customers.

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