McDonald‘s Germany “Schleich” Happy Meal Promotion – Augmented Reality App






Mobile, AR, Game Development


Schleich is an extremely well-known and successful retail toy company ww.

How can we transform the Happy Meal gift figurines into an Augmented Reality app and raise awareness for the promotion without losing the excitement and credibility of the license?

Business-wise McDonald’s wanted to improve the sales of the Apple slices and engage children to eat more of the healthy items in the Happy Meal.


All Happy Meal gifts were re-build from scratch in Augmented Reality. Their digital counterparts looked exactly as the Happy Meal gifts.

On top a scanning mechanism was build within the app for the Happy Meal apple slices packaging which unlocked a special feature in the app.


Each gift has their own unique game experience.

The user is able to feed them, caress them or play with them in their stables and caves.

On top every gift had a unique Augmented Reality game experience catered to the attributes of each gift.

Furthermore guests were able to scan the Happy Meal box and apple slices to unlock special features.


Best performing Happy Meal in the History of German Happy Meal sales.

Top performing app in the App Store download charts at launch.

The app also encouraged children to actively eat more apple slices in the Happy Meal to unlock the special features which is good for their health and also delivered on the Business goals from McDonald’s.

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