McDonald‘s Germany “Tiere Afrikas 3D” Book or Toy Program – Augmented Reality App






Mobile, AR, Game Development


The book or toy program is a sustainable alternative to the Happy Meal gifts. Even more so because a purchase is also a donation to the RMCH.

But we constantly need to make sure that the book can be more than a simple reading experience and engage and encourage children to actively choose the book.


Augmented Reality is so much more than just a 3D experience.

It’s a dive into a new world, it let’s books come to life and share amazing family experiences throughout all age groups.


African animals are thrilling and wonderful creatures.

We wanted to bring the feeling of an African Safari into the peoples’ living rooms.

Walk around with a life size Giraffe, play with chimpanzees or be amazed by the stunning charisma of the king of all animals, the Lion.


The App was nominated and elected as a Top 5 Kids-App at the Tommi Awards 2019 at the German Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

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