Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts Stick-on Phone Pocket




Chicago, USA


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


Since Pop-Tarts® pioneered the toaster pastry category in the 1960’s the brand has become an icon. In 2015 the aisle had become crowded with competitors, making it even harder to stand out. Our challenge was to find a new way to drive up shelf-appeal for the brand by pairing it with a contemporary in-the-box offering.


One effect of mobile phones’ ubiquity is that your device is also a statement of personal identity. People use their phones – the wallpaper, their apps, their cases – to express themselves.


Pairing self-expression with utility gave us the insight behind the fun silicone pocket that sticks to the back of any phone. Shoppers recognize the fun and the value, and it drives up the brand’s appeal for teens. And we did it with only 1/8” in packaging space, which had never been done before.


With a high-perceived value – a similar item being sold at retail for $11.99 – the product was a win with the brand, the retailer, and the shopper.

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