McDonald’s Happy Meal App




Chicago, USA


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


One impact of new mobile technology is that children’s play has changed. Aware of the new landscape in play, Creata investigated the question of new ways to deliver fun for kids in digital. Our goal is to create a more contemporary offering for kids that seamlessly integrates with the Happy Meal toy.


Creata drew on findings from our proprietary research practice, ‘Playsearch™,’ and found that kids and parents alike see value in toys that feature a digital component. At the same time, we saw the growing ‘toys-to-life’ trend start to reach a mass audience. We looked at ways to deliver digital value through the Happy Meal toy.


Creata’s digital team invented and prototyped a ‘toy recognition’ technology that could be embedded in an app. This created a new way to magically connect toys and bring them to life. We built the Happy Meal app to drive up the value of the in-store experience by delivering unique games through the toy. Kids love scanning their toys and parents are impressed with the forward-looking, progressive approach.


Happy Meal app has reached the number one spot in Apps for Kids 6-8 seven times and it is a regular presence at the top of the charts.