McDonald’s Monopoly Game – RUSSIA


McDonald’s RUSSIA


Moscow, Russia & Munich, Germany


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


The people of Russia are facing a stagnant economy, which forces money-saving changes of habit. One easy way to save money is to reduce visits to restaurants and cafes. CREATA’S goal was to help McDonald’s Russia increase the store visits and sales.


CREATA manages the execution and implementation of the Monopoly promotion for McDonald’s, one of the most successful promotions in the McDonald’s system. Creata leads strategy for the Russian promotion, production of the game pieces, web site development, prize pool management and prizing partner negotiation. Our approach was to completely re-think the stalwart Monopoly promotion in Russia.


Gaming mechanics (gamification) can inspire renewed participation for brands. New gaming mechanics can also add new interest to existing promotions. The latest promotion was created specifically to attract lapsed visitors back to the restaurant and to increase repeat visits. Our solution also had to be noticeable among the clatter of New Year’s advertising and marketing messages.


The campaign reversed the trend of decreased repeat visits and helped stores resume a trend of growth. Overall sales increased. McDonald’s Russia has won a Bronze Effie 2017 for the MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s promotion 2016 for the Single Engagement Nomination.

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