Revell Star Wars Snaptite Models




Chicago, USA


Creative, Mobile & Web Development, Games,
Innovation, Digital Strategy


Model building is an incredibly immersive way for kids to express their love of their favorite movies. Very young kids, though, respond to model building in unique ways, meaning that the level of complexity, time spent, and the features of the model need to be re-considered for kids.


Creata works with hundreds of kids and families every year to see first-hand the ways that kids play. We’ve seen that adding interactivity to any play pattern can enhance the experience – even highly interactive model kits.


Creata worked with Revell to engineer and sculpt snap-tite kits for the brand’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens license: The First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter, Poe’s X-Wing Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon. Creata’s products for Revell enliven kids imaginative play through sound and light.


Revell has sold more than 300,000 model kits.

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