Woolworths Marvel Superdiscs – A collectible that drove sales growth


Woolworth’s Australia


Sydney, Australia


Insights, Promotions, Digital, Product


The performance of Woolworths’ past collectible programs was varied. How could we add value to the Woolworth’s ‘young families’ customer shopping experience, raise awareness and build on the imagination, excitement and credibility of a (or the right) license.


With the Marvel brand on the rise in Australia, how could we create a must-have collectible for Woolworths customers and a sure-fire hit for sales?  In looking back at past performances of collectible programs, there was clear reason why some succeeded whilst others failed – the value of ‘PLAY’. As strong as the Marvel brand was, we knew we needed to add the play-ability of connect, create, swap and collect to drive playground currency and greater demand.


Woolworth’s family customers made a great match with the Marvel Entertainment license. We created a limited time offer featuring Marvel character collectible construction discs and a gaming app which created a unique digital experience allowing kids the opportunity to explore ‘PLAY’ beyond the physical toy.


It worked. Marvel Super Discs were Woolworths most successful collectible ever, driving significant growth in both sales revenue and store visits for the brand. Kids throughout Australia became obsessed with the collectible discs. The buying and selling of the desirable discs online became a topic of news coverage.

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