McDonald’s – Australia Monopoly.

Australia’s Lovin’ it more every year.


In 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly promotion saw its best results ever. It’s a game Australia really loves to play. So how could we increase player participation and store visits in 2015?


2014’s data taught us the greatest incentive for consumers was the prizes on offer and the ease of participation. In 2015, we took a more strategic approach to our prize partners, securing some of our target’s favorite brands; VW, Sony, Hoyts, and BCF. With our agency partners, we communicated the prizes and the ease of winning.


Prize and player authenticity. Creata put real prizes in front of McDonald’s customers and announced winners and what was still available in real time updates. We created a mobile means of entry that allowed customers to play instantly, anywhere.


Sales increases and competitive brand strength endured significantly longer than previous promotions. Through the spirit of play, McDonald’s rode a customer appreciation to a leadership turnaround.




Monopoly 2015
was the most succesful year ever


Significant YOY increases
across sales, participation & entries